Weekly10 [20|07|07]

It’s quite unfortunate that I’ve had another hectic week this week so I haven’t really had a chance to put a decent entry into my blog, except for updating my Weekly10 List.

So for those who care … hehehe … here’s my Weekly10 for the week ending on 20 July 2007!


  • Had a haircut on Thursday – Peter did a great job as usual!
  • Hollandse paddestoel – ‘Dutch mushroom’. 😛
  • It’s payday week this week – too bad most will be absorbed by the mortgage and bills! 😥
  • Bought a Crepemyrtle tree (Lagerstroemia indica ‘Hopi’) and a Mexican Orange Blossom tree (Choisya ternata) from K-Mart on Thursday to change the look of my frontyard and sideyard! (the Erica bush in the sideyard has been killed by the grey water that I used – it doesn’t like alkaline soil, poor thing!) 🙁
  • ‘Good-busy’ at work – still heavy with politics, but at least I’m involved in something exciting!


  • John Howard is getting to be a permanent member of my Votsnot list. Byebye, Johnnie!
  • Not being able to afford a holiday in the near future! 😛
  • Having to deal with the hairline cracks at my house sooner or later!
  • Winter weed in the garden – aargh!
  • The cold – give me a wee bit of warmer temperature, please?

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