Weekly10 [13|07|07]

Here’s my Weekly10 for the week ending on 13 July 2007:


  • Whittakers chocolate – made in New Zealand and full of nuts! Yummo.
  • Varekai – a great show, better than Quidam, as good as Alegria!
  • Marabou Dubbel Nougat – another delicious chocolate, this time it’s Swedish.
  • I’m still reading David Crystal’s “By Hook or by Crook” – still a fascinating journey around various English accents!
  • The lengthening day – I can’t wait for brighter mornings!


  • Still John Howard! It’s time for the Little Weasel to go!
  • More work to be done, with much less resources. Are they testing my breaking point or what? 😡
  • The weed in my frontyard and backyard. It’s too cold and I’m too lazy to pull out those little buggers!
  • Still hate doing my ironing – the clothes are piling up!
  • Getting up in cold mornings. Brrrrr. It was 3.0C this morning!

There are actually a lot more Votshot items – as I do try to be thankful in every circumstance. Well, time to relax with a bit of Korenwijn, Elderflower syrup and mineral water. Bliss.

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