Australia Day: A celebration of heritage


On a day widely celebrated here as the day to be ‘Australian’ with a full-day barbie or a day on the beach, or cricket, for me it turned out to be a day of celebrating various heritages here in Adelaide.

We were still unsure of how we were going to celebrate the day when we got up this morning – I have some meat and potatoes and veggies ready for an Aussie barbeque and I thought we would just stay home, and perhaps head over to the city later to watch the fireworks and Jessica Mauboy. There were some discussions last night on Facebook whether we should head up to the Hills and perhaps to Hahndorf but I wasn’t all that keen really – it’s too early to see the Autumn colours and you don’t need to go to Hahndorf regularly as it doesn’t really change that much in just a year. So when I got up at 9.00am and woke Yani up, we initially were going to excuse ourselves and send a text saying that we got up too late for the bus at 10.30am (which was true, as we needed time to get ready and align our activities with the bus timetable).

However, Mary agreed to move the time to 11.30am and so we got ourselves ready and waited at the bus stop for the bus to the city at 11.00am. We struck a problem when the bus was way late – we would’ve missed the bus to the Hills by the time we arrived in the city. However, as it turned out the bus to the Hills was really late as well! As we arrived at our bus stop in Currie Street, the bus to the Hills just pulled over at the bus stop behind ours. How great was that! 🙂

Yani and I at Chocolate @ No. 5 - Hahndorf
(Courtesy of Michael Iskandar)

So the five of us (Yani and I, Mary, Caven and Michael) took the bus to Hahndorf and stopped at Stop 56, at the quieter end of the Main Street and walked back. It was such a wonderful day to walk around in the Hills – not too hot, not too cold – just a perfect day to celebrate Australia Day! We had lunch at Hahndorf Inn – a massive A Taste of Germany Platter (Bockwurst, Weisswurst, Cheese Kransky and Vienna sausages, smoked Pork Kassler Chop and Pork Knuckle. Served with Sauerkraut, Rhine potato, 2 pretzels and German mustard) and a plate of Six Star Sausage Combination (which contains Deluxe Vienna, Bockwurst, Bratwurst, Plain Kransky, Cheese Kransky and Weisswurst, with Sauerkraut, Rhine potato, 2 pretzels and German mustard). Even when we divided the food among the five of us – we were all really stuffed at the end of our meal. I didn’t even eat the Pork Knuckle as I don’t eat a lot of pork – even then I was waaaay full.

Chocolate No. 5 Chocolate Cake

We walked back to the bus stop via a delightful café called Chocolate @ No. 5 – picking up an accent from the owner, I asked them where they were from. The wife told me that they were from South African – she had a good sense of humour and didn’t took offense when I said “Seth Efriken!”. She retorted back, “Ja man!” 🙂 I had No. 5 Spanish Hot Dark Chocolate which was deliciously decadent! It rates very highly in my repertoire of hot chocolates here in Adelaide! 🙂 I also had No. 5 Chocolate Cake – apparently one of their specialties as well. Mmmmmm! Droolicious. According to the owner, their hot chocolates are also the specialty of their cafe – you can pick either Belgian chocolate (sweeter and fits better with the Australian palate), Spanish chocolate (richer with more cocoa flavour) or Italian chocolate. Somebody within the group (I can’t remember who) also ordered Belgian hot chocolate and I seem to recall hearing sounds of enjoyment as the drink was enjoyed as well. Haha.  I will definitely head back there again when I’m in Hahndorf.

Australia Day Parade - 26 January 2011

We were soo full after the massive lunch and our hot chocolates and cakes that we were pretty much asleep in the bus from Hahndorf all the way to the city. We arrived in the city just in time to get ourselves awake and ready to watch the Australia Day parade from Hindmarsh Square – Pulteney Street – North Terrace – King William Street, and all the way to Elder Park. We saw many ethnic groups represented from Latvians to Bangladeshis, from Ukrainians to Indonesians, from Hungarians to Laotians. It was certainly very colourful, very merry, and very joyfully noisy!

The group parted ways after the parade ended as we didn’t feel like hanging around the city until the fireworks at 9.00pm as we need to head back to work tomorrow! So Yani and I waited for our bus and topped the day with some ice cream that we bought from the local service station. Now that is a very Australian thing to do. Hahaha. 😀

So all in all, my Australia Day is a day of celebration of the various heritages here in this beautiful country: from my German lunch, to the Spanish Hot Chocolate in a café owned by South African migrants, to the multiethnic parade along Pulteney Street. As for me, well I am an Australian with a Chinese-Indonesian heritage so this is also a celebration for me. Thank God for this beautiful country!

Happy Australia Day everyone!

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