One hyggelig moment


The television is off all day today.

I’ve just realised that as I paused and thought for a minute a while ago and listened to the chirps of the crickets in between my coffee slurps. In that split second, I got to appreciate the coziness of my life. It’s hard to explain in words – just a sense of homeliness, or what the Danes describes as hyggelig. The house is dark except for the study, where I am, and the living room, where Yani is tinkering around with her laptop.

My Saturday has so far been relaxing and enjoyable although I haven’t really done anything extraordinary today (as usual). We got up in late morning and then went to the church to meet those who had been practising for tomorrow’s service and had a short prayer meeting. Afterwards, we went to Chinatown for lunch – we chose a regular spot, Thanh Thanh restaurant. It’s a nice Vietnamese eatery in Field Street, Adelaide – off Grote Street. The food is reasonably cheap and tastes delicious. The good thing is that their taste and portion have been constant all this time. So many restaurants start to gradually change their serving size or taste after a while. I had wonton dry noodle – a decent enough substitute for an Indonesian bakmi. 🙂

Afterwards, Yani and the girls went to do some shopping as I opted to head home – I wouldn’t want to turn into the grumpy one as the afternoon progressed as I was feeling rather tired  by then (I hadn’t had any coffee!). So I took the bus home and had a nap on the living room floor and then moved to the sofa after a while *grin*. Then I reheated some leftover fried rice and had it for dinner, with some crispy fried anchovies on top. Simple pleasures. I also watered the front yard just to keep the plants happy after the hot sunny days that we’ve been having recently.

I topped the evening with a cup of coffee and some Norwegian chocolate that I received for Christmas from my friend Hugo.

So yes, in this moment, I am thankful for my life. There are so many things that I want and I wish I have – more money, a nice car, a better this and a better that. However, when I stop and just let the moment awash over me, I hear a gentle reminder – yeap, I am happy and content. I’m blessed.


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