New Column: Weekly10! [06|07|07]

I thought it would be nice to compile my Weekly10 list starting this week – my 5-VOTSHOT and 5-VOTSNOT; no, they’re not Russian words. Haha 🙂

So here it is – my Weekly10 for the week ending on 6 July 2007!


  • Toasted crumpet with butter and honey.
  • $2 worth of hot Charlesworth nuts at the end of my weekly shopping at Central Market.
  • My macBook.
  • David Crystal’s book “By Hook or by Crook” – a fascinating journey into English language and its wealth of accents!
  • A cup of rooibos tea before I go to bed: it gives me a good night sleep!


  • John Howard – I can’t stand him! Thank God that I can vote this election!
  • Ironing – need I say more? 😛
  • Dark mornings – at least we’ve past the winter solstice.
  • Having the water heater’s pilot flame blown off on Wednesday evening! I couldn’t get any hot water that night.
  • Bus ticket is now $26.90 – an increase of $1.80!

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