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If you were a bit concerned that my blog was down again yesterday – well, it was because the wonderful support team from the hosting company turned off the PHP again yesterday. I raised a service ticket yesterday and asked why I couldn’t update some of my old posts – what happened was that after I restored my website, I discovered that some of my posts had some strange characters: foreign characters are replaced with a series of weird alphabets due to the character encoding. Then when I tried to fix it, some of the posts could not be corrected at all, as it kept on showing me an error message. In an effort to fix the issue, the support team turned off the PHP which brought the whole site down again for the second time. Argh.

I managed to find some solutions from the Internet to go around the issue of strange characters – it’s actually really simple! It saves me the effort of going through every old post and correcting the weird characters. 🙂

It’s the joy of having a blog that is slowly attracting spammers and people with questionable intent. I am being extra careful now with my site and my passwords – hopefully I will minimise future attacks to my blog. At least after the recent mishaps, it has given me a chance to do some small additions and changes to my website. I may tinker with the design again in the future. So, thank you for your patience, everybody. 🙂 I suppose once you have a running blog, you can’t really turn it off – it’s almost like an ongoing online reality show, a repository for streams of consciousness.

Thomas Dybdahl, "... that great October sound" (2002)

At the moment I’m just relaxing with my cup of coffee – yes, I know that it’s late already. Coffee doesn’t do much to keep me awake thesedays – I can drink a cup of espresso and still feel sleepy five minutes later. I’m accompanied by Thomas Dybdahl again – this time it’s his 2002 album “… that great October sound“. It’s a perfect companion after such a busy day – I was feeling a tad unwell in the morning with scratchy throat and a mild fever. I forced myself to continue working and finish off what I needed to do; initially I thought I would leave things be and go home at 5.00pm but I decided to finish them all, and leave at 6.30pm instead. I’m feeling much better now anyway – I’ll head to bed in a minute and hopefully after another good night sleep, I will feel stronger tomorrow morning. 🙂

There’s not much to share actually – still looking for a car, enjoying summer, life’s good. 🙂

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I've finally relented to the lures of blogging - and for those who care, well, I'm a self-confessed geek who's a wanderer at heart, who thinks and analyses too much, and who's trying hard to hold on to his 7-year old inner persona.

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