Wooly weather!

Wooly weather in Adelaide

It was a really windy day in Adelaide last night, with winds howling throughout the day. It caused some flooding and damage in some parts of Adelade. However, the most annoying thing was that the windy night blew off the pilot flame in my water heater! 😡 I couldn’t take a shower last night and I had to brush my teeth very quickly using icy water from the tap. I tried to re-light the pilot flame but it was too windy, and besides the instructions on the heater cover was already unreadable! Aaaargh!!! So, I had to get up earlier this morning and rush to the backyard to do my last attempt. I was contemplating on calling in sick at work if I couldn’t take a hot shower! Luckily after numerous matches, I managed to light the pilot. YAAAAAYYYY!!!!

So anyway, I have to rush off now and enjoy my hot shower and head to work!


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