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Having finally conquered my long-held fear last year, I am really eager to start clocking in my driving hours and explore areas in Adelaide and beyond with my new freedom. I won’t have to call around and convince a friend to drive with us and explore, as I can do that myself and even offer the chance to our friends who do not drive. It’s time that I repay all the favours that have been given to me all these years!

Well, that quest to find the car is not that easy – it’s even harder than when I bought the house! My current house is the first one that I spotted in my househunt – and it fell within the price range that I was looking for, and although there was a hiccup at the beginning when the previous owner actually chose to sell the house to somebody else who offered the same amount, the house ended up mine when the other buyer failed to get the finance in the time allocated to him.

However, I’m in a different financial situation to what I was nearly six years ago. At that time, I still had the leftover of my yuppie years in Singapore – complete with the accummulated stock options from my previous company that I could cash out – to pay the deposit. Now, I’m in quite a limited financial situation – admittedly again, I have everything what I need – although I may not have the same amount of money, I am pretty content at the moment. I have learned to be thankful in every situation – well, most situation. Hehe. 🙂 I’m still a work-in-progress after all! 😉

With a limited budget, I keep on scaling down my expectations – I still want a PT Cruiser, despite what some of my friends tell me about them – that they are ugly, expensive to maintain, and so forth, and so forth. I realise that my budget doesn’t allow me to buy one, even a used one from 2000-2002, so I shifted my focus to Volkswagen … again, I found that my budget couldn’t get me a good used Volkswagen, so now I’m now looking at Toyota, Mazda, Holden or Ford. Early on Saturday morning I spotted a 1998 Mazda 323 Astina with relatively low mileage and with a price within my budget on – I sent the seller a note and got the call at around 10am. Unfortunately I could only come around in the afternoon after my singing practice … and by then the car was gone already. 🙁 As a consolation, my pastor who knows a lot about cars and engines, asked Yani and I along with some other friends to go for a drive to Main North Road to see some car yards. There wasn’t anything that caught my attention so we just looked around and had coffee afterwards instead – I did spot a red PT Cruiser in one of the yards for $11,990 *drool* 🙁

So if you know anybody selling an automatic hatchback with good mileage (preferably below 120,000km, and has five-door (so that I won’t need to slide the front seat whenever a friend wants to ride along in my car) and costs around $5,000 – $7,000, please contact me, eh?

… or if you know anybody selling an automatic PT Cruiser with a negotiable price! 🙂 One can only hope! 😀

[or if you want to donate to my car fund … that would be much appreciated so I can widen the scope of my search! Hehehe]

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  1. In my experience car yards work not as good as the internet. Nearly every car yard has their cars online. Keep an eye on what’s for sale online and make sure you have the time to look for it. It might be worth taking half a day of if a good opportunity is there. 🙂 Personally, I would go for Toyota, most boring looks and most reliable.

  2. Ry, my husband said you can try
    It’s the auction site but you can come one day before to check the car condition. Wish you luck, bro.

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