It’s so hard to say ‘Adieu’


When I took French lessons in Bandung, my hometown, the teacher told us that the difference between ‘Au revoir’ and ‘Adieu’ when you see someone off, is that when you say ‘Au revoir’, you expect to see the person again, whereas if you say ‘Adieu’, your goodbye is final and that you don’t think you would ever meet ever again …

In a post in late 2008, I mentioned about my failed hard drive which unfortunately meant that I lost the photos that I took in Kongsberg and Oslo (Norway), Budapest (Hungary), Bratislava (Slovakia), Vienna and Salzburg (Austria), Munich (Germany), Maastricht and Amsterdam (the Netherlands), as well as Brussels, Brugge and Ghent (Belgium). I also lost the photos that I took during my younger brother’s wake among other precious pictures and videos that were stored in my hard drive.

Although I mentioned that I had to learn to let go of the contents of my harddrive, I actually keep the failed drive in the hope that someday a company can help me retrieve the information. I don’t care about the emails or the documents – to have the photos revived would make me so happy. During my trip to Indonesia at the beginning of 2009, I tried my chance by contacting a data recovery company in Jakarta – although they kept my harddrive for a week, they couldn’t recover anything. I secretly thought whether they actually did anything to my drive or just happily collected my money.

Then this week, I thought I should try again by contacting a local company here – during my research a couple of years ago, I learned that data recovery could be an expensive exercise. It may cost me a couple of hundred dollars, or it can also be as expensive as fourteen to sixteen hundred dollars if the fault is mechanical. I paid $50 for the initial assessment and I had been antsy to get the results of their tests.

I got the answer today — apparently there is an internal error in my harddrive in the Sector 0 of my harddrive, which unfortunately stores the file structure of my harddrive – which is, what file is stored where, in what format, and so forth. If that sector is damaged, the chance of any meaningful data recovery is slim …

So, I suppose I’ve got my two strikes and rather than wasting money to have my third strike, it’s time for me to say goodbye for good to the photos and the memory, to the video that I recorded of an unexpected choral performance in Szent István Bazilika in Budapest, or the scenes in Salzburg, to the photos that I took in the Lofoten islands in Norway – a lot of happy memories … As mentioned previously, I also lost the photos that I took during my younger brother’s wake and burial.

Now I really have to rely on my memory and the things that I wrote in my blog to evoke those days again … all the snapshots of times stored in my mind that I wish I could project on hundreds of pieces of papers for others to see. Perhaps it is fitting for me to stop reminiscing and fix my eyes to the future and continue walking forward without looking back.

It’s just that it is so hard to say ‘Adieu’

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