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The crowd inside Myer Centre - Adelaide


The period between Christmas and New Year always provides an interesting lull – it seems odd still wishing people you meet ‘Merry Christmas’, since it’s practically over, and wishing them ‘Happy New Year’ is also not true, since we haven’t really reached the new year yet. For the purists, you may argue that Christmas goes for twelve days until the Feast of Epiphany (thus the “Twelve Days of Christmas” carol). I suppose I’m very much a pragmatist – I keep the Christmas ornaments until the first week of the New Year, but listening or singing Christmas carols after the actual day seems pretty odd. Before you brand me as a heathen, I do celebrate Christ every day of the year *grin*.

Part of this intermission, now I have a reason to celebrate the 27th of December as my wedding anniversary as well – so what did we do on our first wedding anniversary? Something exciting? Something romantic? Or passionate? None of those. 😆 We were pretty tired after Christmas and the things that we did on Sunday (church and then we went to Glenelg for a coffee) that we stayed at home all day. We got up really late and just took the day really easy. The internet connection was very erratic as well yesterday, so Yani ended up watching DVDs in the living room, while I played the most effective timewaster of all the games that I have ever played, The Sims 3. I used to play it last year and I thought I’d pick it up again. We are both very pragmatic people and the restaurants were still mostly closed yesterday so we didn’t have a lot of choice, had we dined out. We must be an example of 21st century family, eh? 🙂 I joked that we should’ve picked a wedding date that wouldn’t coincide with or near a major holiday!

Boxing Day – which is the day after Christmas – is traditionally celebrated by taking things easy if you’re the non-shopping kind, or shop like crazy, if you have the funds to spend! Here in South Australia however, December 26th happens to be a public holiday as well – Proclamation Day. However, because Christmas falls on a Saturday this year, and Proclamation Day falls on a Sunday, Monday (27/12) and Tuesday (28/12) are also declared as public holidays in lieu of Christmas and Proclamation Day. Some shoppers who thought that the shops were open on Monday were disappointed to see Rundle Mall practically deserted except for some hapless tourists. Today however, South Australians visited the shopping centres with a vengeance!

Although it is still technically a public holiday, most of the shops were open today to compensate for the lower level of trade around Christmas – and boy did the people shop! I’ve experienced some ‘Boxing Day’ shopping before but this year seems to be the busiest and the most hectic that I have ever experienced. It’s almost that the shoppers were hungry to spend. Yani and I went to Rundle Mall around midday and headed over to Myer and marvelled at the amount of people there. A lot of them walked out with a big bag of manchester or a box of electric goods and I wondered whether they were spending their own money or piled the amount on the existing credit card debt. Thankfully, I had the fruit of my ‘labour’ – I received two $100 shopping cards from a survey provider for completing the surveys that they sent me. For every survey that I do, I receive varying amount of points that I can accummulate and trade for a shopping card. So I can use the cards to shop! Hurrah!

In the old days, I would’ve headed straight to the fragrances’ counter or bought something for my entertainment – books or DVDs. Now that I’m married, I’m gravitating around household goods. I told Yani that we needed a new iron as our current one is old and not ‘heavy’ enough. Besides the steam doesn’t work anymore. 😛 At the end we bought a Tefal iron as it is still made in France – I need to trust the brand before I buy it! 🙂 (The Tefal ads that I always have to watch before every film at the Alliance Française French Film Festival have paid off!) I received 15% off for the iron. Yani reminded me as well that I might want to buy a sandwich maker since our toaster died a couple of months ago. I agreed with her suggestion as the sandwich maker can be used to heat pizzas and make cheese melts, and other delicious stuff. So I bought a Sunbeam sandwich maker as well – and got 15% off discount also. I still have about $48 to spend now on my card! Woohoo!

So that’s how we have spent the post-Christmas-first-wedding-anniversary-period … not very romantic, but very practical. That’s who we are – maybe that’s why we love each other! 🙂 Hahaha. On to the second year now! 🙂

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  1. Happy Anniversary to you both! Low-key days can be the best, when you have somebody to share them with. That’s how we spent Christmas!
    Then we went and bought ourselves barbeque for a Christmas present – see, we’re very romantic, too 😉

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