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Having enjoyed Inception when it came out earlier this year, I was intrigued when an app called Inception appeared in the App Store. Once I installed it in my iPhone, I’m hooked. It takes advantage of the iPhone features and sensors within the application very well. The application starts with a dreamworld, which provides you with a map of ‘dreams’ that you can unlock by doing certain activities or being in specific conditions. For example, Quiet Dream can be unlocked if you are in a quiet area, if your iPhone senses that the noise is loud around it, it will break the dream. There are also other dreams such as Action Dream or Sleep Dream that you can unlock by doing certain activities.

What is cool about the application is that it integrates the ambient noises around the phone and weaves them into pieces of the movie soundtrack. The experience makes mundane activities very surreal, if you keep your earphone plugged in with the application activated. For example, as I’m typing this blog entry, my iPhone senses that the noise is loud enough to invoke Still Dream. I can hear the sounds of my fingers on the keyboards, amplified and echoed and interweaved with the epic sound from the movie. How cool is that? 🙂 Each dream has different musical or sound style – for example Action Dream is very dynamic – the faster you do your activities, the more lively the music and the sound is played, whereas the ambient sound in Reverie Dream is well … dream-like. What gives the app great credibility is that Christopher Nolan, the movie director – and Hans Zimmer – the composer responsible for the epic soundtrack are also involved in this project.

I updated the application yesterday as well and as part of the update, a new dream is now enabled in the application – called Full Moon Dream. It can only be activated on a full moon day like today, 21 December. Apparently the dream will be unlocked if I activate the dreamworld after sunset and before sunrise. Well, it’s pitch-black outside and I’m still waiting for the dream to be unlocked. I even braved myself against the cold and went outside in case the dream will be unlocked by the dark condition (well, I could’ve turned the light off in my room, I suppose! Haha) 😀 – the things that I have done for a little phone app! Hahaha.  If the whole fascination seems a little bit nerdy to you, well, the app combines two of my personal interests: gadget and cinema – so I am having fun with the application and the experience that it provides! 🙂

If you have a more recent iPhone or iPod model, go and download the app – it’s strangely addictive as it provides various soundtrack to your mundane daily activities!

PS: I have since unlocked the Full Moon Dream and I’m currently enjoying the aural experience. Fantastic support from one of the developers as well! Thank you very much, Joe!

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