Le Loo Expansion

It’s true that men need projects to keep them happy – otherwise boredom will either destroy them or be the reason for mischief. 🙂 Before, I elaborate, let me explain how Saturday pans out to be. It’s quite rare to have a ‘free’ Saturday evening – usually, after the prayer meeting in the morning, the group would have lunch somewhere in the city and then continue the chitchats over coffee. Before you know it, you need to have dinner – again, usually around in Chinatown, and then more smalltalks in a café somewhere.

A lot of the students have left Adelaide for their holiday back in Indonesia. Different to the previous years, there are so many parents who are in Adelaide at the moment to see their children so many are also busy showing off their local knowledge to their parents at the moment. So, after my singing practice in the morning, prayer meeting, and then lunch at KFC, Yani and I opted to go home instead. Yani crashed on the sofa, and although I was tempted to have a nap, I ended up doing quite a lot. First I moved the sad-looking geranium from the porch to the sideyard, and then propagated it so I can fill an empty pot over the fence. Then I fertilised my trees with the foul-smelling but very effective Powerfeed solution.

Some of the postcards and posters on the North Wall - Le Loo

I was still feeling restless, and so I turned my attention to Le Loo. Le Loo is what my friend Paul calls my toilet, “borrowing” from Le Louvre in Paris. I’ve pasted a lot of movie posters and postcards all over the walls which creates some kind of personal exhibits. I started this after looking at a bathroom over in Wellington, New Zealand when I visited a friend in 2000. I thought that it was such a great idea that I copied the concept to my loo when I rented the townhouse in Black Forest in 2003. When I moved to my current house, I decorated the walls with my growing collection of postcards and posters – I love nostalgic postcards so there are a lot of retro ads and old-style postcards.

The South Wall - Le Loo

There are travel postcards that I have accumulated over the years, as well as some movie posters that I keep – either for their visual content, or because I really enjoyed the movie.

I have pretty much covered all four walls, except for the door – so I thought, that should be my project for the evening. So, I checked the postcards that I bought in my last trip to Europe as well as some of the movie posters that I hadn’t included in my ‘exhibition’. I selected some of them, laminated them one by one and then pasted them on the door. It is truly a labour of love – Le Loo is one of the favourite spots in the house. Haha. 🙂 So now the exhibition has been expanded to cover the door – where else where you will find the photo of the Crown Prince of Norway next to a postcard containing the recipe for a Wienerschnitzel? Or a poster of the 2004 movie Big Fish next to a breathtaking vista of Reine, Lofoten in Norway and a map of pre-World War Hungary? In Le Loo of course! 🙂

The New Exhibition - Le Loo

I am quite used to my guests spending a long time in my loo, and I don’t mind it at all if they spend a wee bit longer after I put the new ‘exhibition’. I may even expand my collection to the walls in my laundry room – but I have to delicately plan and arrange it. Haha. It is currently quite a quirky but effective way to brighten up my loo, but it’s another thing if people think that I have an obsessive-compulsive disorder. It’s no wonder that Yani is a bit apprehensive about my plan. Hahaha. 🙂

So, the next time you are over for a barbie or dinner, come over and see Le Loo. Admission free as long as you don’t forget to flush.

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