“Two steps forward, one step back …”

It’s a cold day here in Adelaide – it only reached 14.3C at 12:16pm. Winter is truly here … it is good for the plants and the trees that the rain has kept the soil moist. It’s also good for the reservoir level in Adelaide too, I suppose.

I had quite a lousy day today unfortunately; I got up about 30 minutes late because the alarm clock failed to ring – flat battery. I usually have the alarm clock as well as the alarm from my mobile phone to wake me up. Unfortunately the battery of my phone was also flat this morning. Work has been very hectic too recently, but today is one of those days … I wasn’t overly busy, but the confusion and the start-and-stop management were making me frustrated. So, by the end of the day, I was soooo ready to go home and call it a day.

The saving grace of the day was when I got into the bus to take me home – there was a family of asian-looking moslems, I presume they were Hazaras. The reason I know a bit about the Hazaras is from Khaled Hosseini’s “The Kite Runner” – a very beautiful book that I also reviewed here in jBløg. They were very charming that I couldn’t help smiling just looking at them. I was also reading the latest book by Niall Williams – one of my favourite authors – called “Boy in the World”. I’m enjoying the book so far – Niall Williams has a beautiful poetic way of writing and describing things. His style is melancholy without being soppy – imaginative without being too flowery. I will write a review when I finish the book.

I guess tonight’s blog entry is just me rambling really – I can’t really make nicely-hooked paragraphs … too tired, too cold, and too much to write about. I didn’t write about the two plants that I bought from the Hills, a dwarf Liquidambar styraciflua ‘Jennifer Carrol’ and a Pistacia chinensis – both ornamental deciduous trees that I planted in the front yard. I also didn’t write about my painting a feature wall in the living room (it is still in progress at the moment) – I painted the wall with “Orange Keeper”, the mantlepiece with “Charcoal” and the area around the gas heater (fireplace) with “Red Box”. The room does look quite dramatic now – but it will look better when I have finished the job. At the moment, I have finished painting the wall, but I have just given the mantlepiece one coat of paint, so I will need to give it another coat tomorrow, and then, as the final touch, I will paint the area around the heater as well as the skirting at the bottom of the feature wall – also with Charcoal. My passage to manhood, I suppose – awrrrr, awrrrr!!

Anyway, I’m too tired to write at the moment, so I should take a shower and head off to sleep to meet Une-Mati (my friend from Estonia said that Une Mati is the guy who gives everybody dreams when we sleep!).

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  1. Thats true. But some authoritative sources say that actually you have a choice between Une-Mati and Une-Kati, the latter being female. Your choice 🙂

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